3.20 minutes

Hybrid Application Deployment: vCloud Air

Learn how you can turn your typical multi-tier application into a hybrid application with vCloud Air.

3:01 minutes

An Introduction to VMware vCloud Air

Greg Herzog, Consulting Architect, Field Services, diagrams the basics of vCloud Air.

2:53 minutes

Moving to IaaS

Bill Fathers, VMware Senior Vice President and General Manager, Hybrid Cloud, discusses the benefits of true hybrid cloud.

3:02 minutes

Creating a Fault-tolerant Three-tier Application

Watch as Greg Herzog, Consulting Architect, Field Services, shows you how easy it is to create one of these apps.

2:52 minutes

Network Connectivity and Virtual Appliances

Learn about network connectivity and virtual appliances with Greg Herzog, Consulting Architect, Field Services.

2:47 minutes

Planview grows new business opportunities in the cloud

Offload backup and infrastructure management so they can focus on developing their SaaS products

1:45 minutes

vCloud Air - The "Cloud of Clouds"

Learn about the "Cloud of Clouds" concept–implemented by VMware vCloud Air.

2:55 minutes

Building vs. Consuming the Cloud with vCloud Air

View an overview of how to build and consume cloud using vCloud Air.

3:21 minutes

Re-taking Control of the Cloud with vCloud Air

In recent years, business units have been leveraging commodity clouds that consume resources, introducing challenges for IT organizations.

8:22 minutes

vCloud Air UI Demo

View a comprehensive demonstration of the VMware vCloud Air user interface.

2:02 minutes

High Availability By Design with vCloud Air

Learn why, with vCloud Air, you no longer need to re-architect your application when moving workloads.

5:13 minutes

Service Offerings of vCloud Air

Learn about the details of the two service offerings for VMware vCloud Air–Dedicated and Virtual Private Cloud.

5:49 minutes

Movement toward VMware vCloud Air

VMware executives, customers, and partners share their excitement and insights about vCloud Air an infrastructure-as-a-service hybrid cloud that seamlessly extends your existing data center to the cloud.

6:25 minutes

VMware vCloud Air Standard Storage Tier

David Hill, Technical Architect for vCloud Air, provides a quick overview on the new storage option, Standard Storage, from vCloud Air.

6:06 minutes

Disaster Recovery Overview

Learn how to configure a site, how to configure replication, and how to do a test and failover.

15:14 minutes

vCloud Air Demo: Overview & Integration w/ vCloud Connector & vCloud Automation Center

Learn how vCloud Air is integrated with other VMware tools including vCloud Connector and vCloud Automation Center.

4:48 minutes

An Introduction to vCloud Automation Center with vCloud Air

Learn how you can automate the end-to-end delivery and management of your infrastructure and applications using vCloud Automation Center and vCloud Air.

2:33 minutes

The Hybrid Cloud Opportunity

VMware customers, partners, and analysts share their concerns, hopes, and enthusiasm about current and future cloud offerings.

* Previously known as VMware vCloud Hybrid Service.

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