VMware vCloud Air Pricing

*VMware vCloud® Air™ offers three primary service offerings

  • Dedicated Cloud – Dedicated physical infrastructure compute service

  • Virtual Private Cloud – Logically isolated, multi-tenant compute service

  • Disaster Recovery – Business continuity for your on-premises environment, safe in our cloud

Each service offers a variety of features and a selection of Add-Ons to meet your needs. Select your preferred service to view the itemized pricing for each feature offered with that service.


Service Included Resources Price Per Month Price Per Unit
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Optional Services
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  • The above reflects MSRP pricing for a single month term length. Discounted price can be achieved through quantity of volume purchased, contract term length, pre-payment or transaction through a solution provider.

  • Services are sold with one increment of compute, support, storage, and bandwidth as well as a pre-defined number of Public IPs.  Customers can select additional increments of the above resources as needed to accommodate their cloud environment.

  • Dedicated Cloud, Virtual Private Cloud, and Disaster Recovery are each offered in monthly and annual subscription terms.

  • Direct Connect is a high speed connection from your data center or colocation service to vCloud Air. Enabling a Direct Connect Port allows you to connect using a telco provider. There will be additional fees associated with that provider for the connection.

  • Operating System and Application catalog pricing is combined with license usage to determine monthly billing. More information can be found at the VMware Marketplace

  • For more details on options and pricing, please refer to the  Purchasing and Subscription FAQ or contact your VMware representative or channel partner

* Previously known as VMware vCloud Hybrid Service.

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