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VMware vCloud Air: Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand1:31 minutes
Completely compatible virtual private cloud service

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Expand your capacity now with a completely compatible virtual private cloud service that integrates with your existing environment.

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Your Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand Benefits

Your Workloads

  • ·Fast Custom Builds

    Resources built to your exact specifications in any ratio of CPU, memory and storage.

  • ·Quick Resource Resizing

    Add vCPU, memory and/or disk space to any running VM.

  • ·Seamless Workload Portability

    Run any vSphere workload anywhere.

Your Data Center

  • ·Consolidated Cloud Management

    Common applications, tools, and services across a hybrid multi-cloud environment.

  • ·Extended Network Compatibility

    Use the same virtual network across all of your on-premises/off-premises infrastructure.

  • ·Virtual Data Centers On Demand

    Create/resize/rename/delete virtual data centers on the fly.

Your Peace of Mind

  • ·Predictable Application Deployments

    Ensure Dev/Test environments function exactly like your production environment.

  • ·Quicker Recovery From Outages

    Built-in high availability with optional disaster recovery.

  • ·Automated Resource Reliability

    Live migration of VMs to greater capacity servers.

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