All the benefits of vSphere with the agility of the cloud

Compatible with vSphere On-Premises

No application re-architecture needed to take advantage of vCloud Air

Flexible VM sizing

Unlike other public clouds, our compute sizing is done according to your needs, rather than pre-defined sizes, making consuming VMs simple

Application Portability

Compatibility with vSphere makes moving your applications into vCloud Air easy, with support for more than 5000 applications and 90 Operating Systems

Advanced Networking

Includes edge gateway, public IPs, Load balancing and a host of configuration options at no cost

What Virtual Private Cloud offers

Additional Options:


As easy to buy as it is to use

Whether you’re looking for flexible, pay-as-you-go service, or want the cost-savings of a long-term commitment, we have convenient purchase options to meet your needs.

Subscription service

Cost Effective

Allows enterprise customers to preplan spend


Pay via ELA, Purchase Order or Subscription Purchase Plan


Offered in defined resource pools, making it easy to add compute, storage, backup and more as you grow

OnDemand – our pay-as-you-go option


Spin up and down resources instantly, in the region of your choice without restriction


Pay by the minute so you can avoid over purchasing and underutilizing resources


No contracts or minimum commitments

Greater enterprise performance for mission-critical workloads

Independent testing shows that vCloud Air compute outperforms both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services by 20-40%. That means your toughest, most intensive workloads will run better in vCloud Air.

How Virtual Private Cloud is making a difference for businesses

This has been a total game changer in our company and I think it's going to be a total game changer for the entire industry.

Shawn Wiora, CIO


Virtual Private Cloud Resources

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