Virtual Private Cloud

  • Enjoy scalable public cloud infrastructure-as-a-service built on vSphere
  • Get logically isolated, multi-tenant cloud compute, storage, and networking

VMware vCloud Air Virtual Private Cloud is a secure, vSphere compatible multi-tenant, Infrastructure as a service platform operated by VMware. Virtual Private Cloud is a high performance, highly available public cloud service that includes a pool of compute, storage and private networking resources. Virtual Private Cloud is compatible with other VMware based clouds, and offers seamless hybrid cloud capabilities including bi-directional workload portability, data center extension and hybrid networking.

Virtual Private Cloud is a cost-effective solution that is ideal for expanding your presence into the public cloud instead of expanding your onsite infrastructure. With its pool of highly available compute, storage, and networking resources, Virtual Private Cloud fits well in scenarios involving variable or bursting workloads and is optimal for test and development, or running production applications. The Virtual Private Cloud service can be expanded with various add-ons to enhance the solution to best fit your growing enterprise needs.

Virtual Private Cloud Computing

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Benefit of Virtual Private Cloud

Workload portability

  • Place workloads on premises, off premises, or both.
  • You choose where your apps live and you have full management control
  • Use several connectivity options including Direct Connect, vCloud Connector, and Offline Data Transfer

Extend your data center

  • Use same management tools with both onsite and offsite cloud environments
  • Manage with “single pane of glass" user portal with vSphere plug-in
  • Networks can be set to mimic your existing data center settings

High availability included

  • High availability and load balancing included at no cost
  • Total edge gateway control

Service/Description Resources Optional Add-Ons
Virtual Private Cloud

Logically isolated, multi-tenant compute service

  • 10GHz vCPU
  • 20GB vRAM
  • 2TB of SSD-accelerated or Standard storage
  • 2 Public IPs
  • 10Mbps allocated bandwidth
  • Compute
  • SSD-accelerated or Standard storage
  • Public IPs
  • Direct Connect
  • Offline Data Transfer
Features (all services include the following features)
  • Firewall
  • VPNs
  • Load Balancer
  • Disk I/O
  • Redundancy + HA
  • DHCP + NAT

Note that Data Protection, Direct Connect, and vSphere Web Client Plug-In may not be available in all regions.

Virtual Private Cloud Use Cases

Virtual Private Cloud is ideal if you want the benefits of vSphere on-premises and you need the agility to migrate workloads to the location of your choice.

Test & Development

Virtual Private Cloud is a great solution for test and development of your existing or new applications. Virtual Private Cloud provides seamless access to a variety of features available with vSphere, as well as a broad array of management and automation tools, but in a low-cost, common architected entry point to meet your enterprise needs. Achieve the agility and migration capability you need for test and dev, along with the flexibility of vSphere in the public cloud.

Extend Existing Applications

Virtual Private Cloud is ideal for developing, testing, and hosting existing and next-generation applications. Gain both agility and scale by extending your applications to meet your security, performance, and growth needs. Take advantage of bi-directional workload portability for global expansions and data center extensions Leverage the agility of the public cloud, built on the foundation of vSphere with access to various management and automation tools, for a seamless application deployment.

6:41 minutes

Here, Angus Gregory, CEO of service catalogue and request management technology company Biomni, and Paul Casey of European service provider Computacenter talk about vCloud Air. 

Web & Mobile Applications

vCloud Air is an ideal location for developing and hosting Web and mobile applications. Scale out your Web applications by taking advantage of the performance and elastic scalability of vCloud Air to best optimize for handling peak workloads. Build and host mobile applications in the cloud while relying on seamless integration back into your data center for a full hybrid cloud solution.

Virtual Private Cloud Resources

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