Pricing Calculator

The vCloud Air Pricing Calculators below are available to help you estimate your costs of using various vCloud Air services. Configure the type of service and features you’re looking for and get pricing information quickly. These tools are for pricing purposes only and does not provision any resources or sign you up for any services.

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Consume the resources you need and pay for only what you use, with no contracts or subscription. OnDemand is an a la carte service that provides you the highest level of flexibility.
OnDemand Calculator
If you are seeking the highest capability, advantaged pricing, and predictable billing, this is your choice. Pre-bundled resource pools of compute, storage and networking with multiple upgrade options make this a solid enterprise solution.
Subscription Calculator
Horizon Cloud
If you are looking to deploy virtual desktops and apps in the cloud, this is your choice. Horizon Cloud allows you to purchase multiple types of virtual desktops, hosted apps servers, and desktop disaster recovery options as a predictable monthly subscription service.
Horizon Cloud Calculator