Disaster Recovery as a Service - Cloud-Based DR

  • Leverage the cloud to protect business critical information
  • Increase business resiliency with minimal investment
  • Easily deploy and manage cloud-based disaster recovery

Business continuity and disaster recovery are paramount for ensuring your business critical environment, data, and online presence are available with minimal downtime. The availability services offered on vCloud Air help ensure that your data is protected, recoverable, and accessible by you and your customers.

You know disaster recovery planning is an IT priority, but lack of proper planning, testing, and resources puts you at risk of losing crucial operational information and incurring revenue loss. If you are looking for a cost-efficient and agile solution to implement or to replace dated, complex, and/or costly plans, VMware vCloud Air Disaster Recovery, built on VMware vSphere® Replication™, provides a cloud-based failover environment for dependable recovery when faced with an operational disruption. Asynchronous replication at the hypervisor layer allows for virtual machines (VMs) in VMware vSphere® to be easily configured for disaster recovery.

Cloud Computing Disaster Recovery

Get started with Disaster Recovery today.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery

Simple solution enables you to easily get started

  • Use the same management tools used with VMware vSphere®
  • Match resource needs with straightforward packaging and begin consumption of services

Agile capabilities put you in the driver’s seat

  • Quickly scale up protection of onsite applications
  • Access to production support by VMware

Cloud based solution offers flexibility with minimal investment

  • Save with a subscription-based service instead of capital investments into physical infrastructure
  • Select from variable term options, starting with one month

Service/Description Resources Optional Add-Ons
Disaster Recovery:

Business continuity protection for your on-premises clouds.

  • 10GHz vCPU standby capacity
  • 20GB vRAM
  • 1TB of persistent storage
  • 2 Public IPs
  • Unlimited Failover Tests
  • 10Mbps allocated throughput
  • Compute Subscription
  • Compute One-time
  • Persistent Storage
  • Public IPs
  • Direct Connect
  • Offline Data Transfer
Features (all services include the following features)
  • Firewall
  • VPNs
  • Load Balancer
  • Disk I/O
  • Redundancy + HA
  • DHCP + NAT

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