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Core Compute Services

VMware vCloud Hybrid Service is an Infrastructure as a Service offering, is built on the trusted foundation of vSphere, and enables users to extend their enterprise workloads into the public cloud with ease. vCloud Hybrid service offers two distinct core compute services, Dedicated Cloud and Virtual Private Cloud, each of which provide customers with a pool of compute, storage and networking resources. Whether looking for an extension to your on-premises data center or to start a brand new public cloud deployment, VMware vCloud Hybrid Service is your hybrid cloud solution.

Dedicated Cloud

VMware vCloud Hybrid Service Dedicated Cloud is a dedicated single-tenant, physically isolated core compute platform with a dedicated cloud management stack. Dedicated Cloud is your own private cloud instance, in the public cloud, providing you with a pool of highly-available resources that you can utilize to best meet your needs. Dedicated Cloud offers additional flexibility in how you are able to assign resources to separate virtual dedicated clouds, each with individual user access controls. Dedicated Cloud offers resource reservation control as the entire compute and memory allocation is 100% reserved and can be allocated or over-committed as you see fit.

Dedicated Cloud offers advantages for licensing as well, as many commercial software options are licensed per core or per server. With Dedicated Cloud, you know the amount of cores and can budget for license costs much more accurately.

Dedicated Cloud is ideal for customers who need the security of physical isolation, the performance of guaranteed resources, and license management for packaged applications. Additionally, Dedicated Cloud is ideal for a Test & Dev usage, as it allows for over-commitment of resources for the highly variable scenarios. The use cases range from highest performance to broadest scale.


Virtual Private Cloud

VMware vCloud Hybrid Service Virtual Private Cloud is a multi-tenant, logically isolated core compute service that lives on shared infrastructure. The Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) includes fully private networking, high availability-redundancy, and is based on the same vSphere design architecture as Dedicated Cloud. Starting with 5GHz of reserved vCPU, which bursts to 10GHz, 20GB of reserved memory, and 2TB of storage, the Virtual Private cloud is a powerful and capable service offering for your public cloud infrastructure needs.

Virtual Private Cloud is a cost-effective solution that is ideal for users who are interested in expanding their presence into the public cloud, but may not need the full capacity of a Dedicated Cloud. Virtual Private cloud is ideal for variable or bursting workloads, Test & Development, and Web & Mobile Applications. Like Dedicated Cloud, the Virtual Private Cloud service can be expanded with various add-ons to enhance the solution to best fit your growing enterprise needs.

Both core compute options include allocated amounts of CPU, RAM, persistent storage, IP addresses and support, and also offer the ability to add on additional increments of compute, storage, and IP addresses on a self-serve basis. Offline Data Transfer, Direct Connect, and Data Protection are additional subscription-Add-on features that can be utilized alongside both core compute services. Both Dedicated and Virtual Private Cloud core services are offered in monthly, yearly and extended license subscription terms.


vCloud Hybrid Service presents persistent block storage volumes as a part of the core subscription. vCloud Hybrid Service comes standard with an SSD accelerated storage solution that provides predictability of performance and effortless growth of VMDKs without downtime. The core subscription for Dedicated Cloud includes 6TB of SSD-Accelerated storage and Virtual Private Cloud includes 2TB of SSD-Accelerated storage, and can easily be increased as your requirements grow.

Operating System and Application Catalog


vCloud Hybrid Service offers an extensive, growing Operating System and Application catalog that allows you to purchase licenses on demand. Visit the vCloud Hybrid Service Marketplace for more information on the list of OS and Apps as well as how to have your software certified with VMware.

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