What is vCloud Air ?

vCloud Air is a public cloud platform built on the trusted foundation of vSphere, compatible with your on-premises data center, that includes infrastructure, disaster recovery, and various applications as service offerings. vCloud Air allows you to extend your workloads into the cloud with ease. You can migrate existing onsite virtual machines (VMs) to the public cloud or start up new application VMs directly in the cloud. You can also easily port VMs and other business-critical workloads back and forth to the location of your choice, all with the secure and capable foundation of vSphere.

When you're running infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) applications, price and performance matter. A low-cost cloud service isn't useful if it's not powerful enough to run your apps with the performance you need. VMware commissioned benchmarking tests performed by Principled Technologies, who determined that vCloud Air delivers twice the compute power of Microsoft Azure and three times the storage performance of Amazon AWS. Read the CPU performance and I/O performance comparisons for more information.

vCloud Air currently supports over 5,000 applications and over 90 operating systems

  • vCloud Air supports twice as many operating systems as Azure and AWS combined
  • vCloud Air supports more versions of Windows than Azure and more versions of Linux than AWS
  • Over 2,200 ISVs support more than 5,000 apps on VMware including the top ten healthcare apps, top ten finance apps, top five telecom apps, and four of the top five retail apps
what is vCloud Air a public cloud platform

Watch this short overview video, read the data sheet, or explore the FAQ for more details.

Rely on the Security, Support and Services You Know

vCloud Air delivers the security, reliability and performance you demand from a hybrid cloud platform. It’s the VMware you already know. No matter where your applications are running, there’s only one support call for your onsite and offsite cloud locations. All of your favorite management tools are integrated with vCloud Air including VMware vSphere® Client Plug-in, VMware vCloud® Automation Center™, VMware vCenter™ Operations Manager™, VMware vCloud Connector® and more.

Extend Beyond Your Current Data Center with Ease

Extending into the cloud shouldn’t be a one-way street into unfamiliar territory. You can easily position workloads on your cloud or ours. Network virtualization allows you to configure your firewalls and network like your existing cloud and is customizable to your application and security needs. You can benefit from common identity and access management across your onsite and offsite cloud locations.

VMware works with leading operating systems and applications to support “bring your own license” to the cloud, and offers software for purchase on a subscription basis. View software available from VMware for vCloud Air.

Reduce Risk and Cost of Ownership

vCloud Air offers automated replication, monitoring, and high availability of your applications without any code changes. Using the same platform you already run internally, you can extend management tools into the cloud to leverage existing investments, processes, and expertise to lower the cost of ownership. Review the complete Service Description for more details.

Fast Path to Cloud

With a common platform that spans both private and public cloud, vCloud Air enables your organization to dynamically scale its IT infrastructure without changing the way you run it. You can write, deploy, and manage applications in the cloud the same way you do today.

Why vCloud Air?


  • Enjoy support for more than 5,000 applications and more than 90 operating systems, and growing
  • Get the security, availability, and performance you expect from VMware while leveraging existing investments, processes, and expertise
  • VMware brings together the tools, services and applications you need move to the cloud safely and easily
  • Visit the  vCloud Air Marketplace to learn about these solutions.


  • Set up, tear down, test, and deploy without building new infrastructure, and go live without learning new skills or processes
  • Expand or decommission virtual machines of any size

Easy, Secure and Compliant

  • Use existing IT policies in the cloud and rely on the same source of support as your onsite data center
  • Understand and plan your budget with a capacity-based subscription

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